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Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy
    Kamber Arthur, Tax Strategy  12 Principles,
    Geneva,  2nd edition 2000, 118 pages.

    Edited in three languages,
    this book offers a totally
    new way to write on the topic:

   it finds out the immuable principles to      
   build up any Tax strategy, 
   valid within every tax system: 


Book Chapters, available to download:

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Foreword F
Principle 1 F
Principle 2 F
Principle 3 F
Principle 4 F
Principle 5 F
Principles 6 and 7 F
Principles 8 and 9 F
Principle 10 F
Principles 11 and 12 F
Table of Contents F
Conclusion F

Influencing the tax object or subject, using favourable assessments, remaining outside the scope of taxation, maximising tax deductions, anticipating or postponing tax, splitting or merging tax subjects or objects, using an intermediary taxpayer, relocating the tax subject or object.

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