Arthur Kamber

Retraite en Suisse/Retirement: Switzerland. Lump sum Tax

Validité: Août 2014

Imposition d'après la dépense

L'initiative fédérale de l'automne 2014 n'a pas abouti. 

Domicile in Switzerland

Switzerland may be a good location to retire.
In particular, there is a special tax status called Swiss Lump Sum Tax for persons with no professional activity in Switzerland. It is calculated on 5 times the rental value of the real estate owned or rented by the retired person. This amount is the basis to calculate the income tax which varies in each canton and in each commune. However, most cantons have introduced a minimum tax basis.
In September 2010, the Swiss Federal Council made a proposal to change the law: According its first draft, the lump sum tax should be calculated on the following basis:  Seven times the rental value, the  minimum taxable income basis amounting 400k for Federal taxes. This new calculation should enter in force on 1st of February 2016 on the federal level; the cantons have to adapt their calculation as well (See Federal Counsel, Feb. 20, 2013 inés)

The Federal  initiative aiming to suppress the Lump sum Taxation in all cantons was refused by more than 59% of the Swiss population.


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